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The innovators of the past century produced spectacular advances in science and technology. They created the tools for storing, processing, and communicating digital information that now define the modern world. However, along with this unprecedented capability came overwhelming complexity. Our systems for training the next generation couldn’t keep up. Instead, we tried to hide the complexity by training people to use the new technology rather than understand it.

User Friendly Understandable

Any "tool" that we use - but do not understand - is a black box. Today, black boxes are everywhere. We rely on them to work, learn, and socialize. Voight-Kampff believes that the growing number of black boxes poses an existential threat that requires a new approach to educating brains: we must teach people how their tools work!

Explain Everything

Voight-Kampff has thus started a new series of courses that introduce the fundamentals of modern technology without using ANY black boxes.

Our first course was for new neuroscientists. (They should not have any man-made black boxes as obstacles in their quest to understand the brain, i.e. the Last Black Box). A video introducing the principles and strategy for this course is available below:

Voight-Kampff is currently developing new courses targeting a general audience, but still committed to the "No Black Box" principle.

Please get in touch if you are interested in attending or supporting one of our courses.